Black Friday bargain hunters would rather queue than crash

The majority (86 per cent) of customers would prefer to queue to buy a product online rather than have a website crash, new research has revealed.

The research from TrafficDefender, a traffic management system specialist, also found that nearly half of customers missed out on buying a product last year because of crashing websites. Almost half (47 per cent) said they would have been prepared to wait more than three minutes if a queuing system had been in place.

With £12,384 expected to be spent every second online during Black Friday, a website crash could cost retailers dear on the day.

Jeremy Gidlow, chief executive of TrafficDefender’s parent brand, Intechnica, said: “Needless to say, besides the threat of losing out on millions of sales, it’s embarrassing for a retailer to have its website go down. Our recent research revealed that almost nine out of 10 of consumers would rather queue to buy a product on a website than have the website completely crash.

“TrafficDefender averts disasters like this by automatically directing any overflow of visitors into a queue. This will be incredibly important on days like Black Friday, as it prevents any critical performance issues, so that existing visitors can remain on the website as normal, and queuing customers will be informed of their expected waiting time, thus improving the customer experience.”