Big Red Sales Manager hits the right note with uplifting musical marketing

Music might be the food of love… but as far as Jeff Griffiths, from Big Red Sales, is concerned it is also a powerful communication tool. He’s been keeping his many retailer customers amused during lockdown and bringing a smile to their faces.

Mr Griffiths, a Regional Manager at Big Red with an area spanning the South and South West, plus Wales, has been producing ‘cover versions’ of popular songs using various products from the Big Red Sales family of brands.

You may spot one of his Morphy Richards-inspired songs in the February issue of ERT… check out page 5!

During the first lockdown Mr Griffith’s customers were delighted to receive sales information dotted with little cartoons to highlight the sales message. This latest UK lockdown has seen him notch up his creative skills even further by including music in his marketing mix. And to great effect!

His first musical ‘cover’ promoted Mitchell & Brown televisions to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. And that was followed by Love Me Tender publicising Vogel’s brackets, What a Wonderful World for Morphy Richards and Bare Necessities for Beyerdynamic. Each ‘song sheet’ is colourfully embellished with pictures of the featured products.

And it would appear that this unique way of marketing has gone down really well with his customers.

Said Helen Saword Hardy of Hardy Electricals: “They are uniformly loved and groaned at in equal measure but they are unique and special; they really raise the profile of the manufacturers. You have developed a way of updating us and bringing your products constantly to our attention and in a far more effective and engaging way than methods normally used.”

Ms Hardy welcomed the fun side; she continued: “Equally important is the colour, energy and fun of your messages and in these very difficult times when the news or email messages are sombre and negative you are a positive uplifting opposite and a very welcome distraction. Pleeeeese keep going.”

Tim Edis of Gardiner Haskins agreed. He said: “We are always looking out for your emails now, wondering what might be next! They bring joy and fun to these uncertain times! A great way to ensure the emails are read.

“Thank you, thank you very much!”

And lastly, to the tune of Jailhouse Rock… “Well, it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go, Jeff, go…”