Bertazzoni HQ supports COVID-19 cause with donation to Guastalla Hospital

Premium Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer, Bertazzoni, has donated eight wireless telemetry devices to Guastalla Hospital in Emilia-Romagna: the home of Bertazzoni.

The devices, which enable medical staff to effectively monitor the vital signs of patients, will play a key role in enabling healthcare professionals to deliver lifesaving treatment to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The equipment has been installed in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and allows doctors and nurses to maintain a safe distance from patients as they carry out their duties.

Valentina Bertazzoni, style and communications director at Bertazzoni, said: “The Coronavirus crisis is hitting our community hard, which is why we’ve donated this vital equipment to enable Guastalla Hospital to continue its valuable work.

“We would like to offer our huge thanks to the hospital for the care they are giving to the Guastallese community which is the heartland of Bertazzoni and our people, and would also like to thank the doctors and all healthcare staff across Italy for their dedication and extraordinary service during this difficult time.”

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