Bertazzoni factory resumes production following COVID-19 shutdown

Production has resumed at Bertazzoni’s manufacturing facility in Guastalla, Italy.

The decision from the premium kitchen appliance specialist came following an announcement from the Italian Prime Minister, on 26th April, that construction and manufacturing companies could resume business.

The company has implemented a number of safety and ‘smart-working’ measures to ensure employees could safely return to work These include doubling the distance between production line staff and introducing two assembly shifts, so that outstanding orders can be met soonest.

Maurizio Severgnini, managing director at Bertazzoni UK & Ireland, said: “We are pleased to announce that, following what has been a very challenging time for nations across the world, we are now able to resume manufacturing at our Guastalla facility.

“We would like to thank Bertazzoni colleagues, customers and partners for their support during this difficult period, as we look forward to a prompt return to supplying well-crafted, high-quality appliances that enable people to cook beautifully.”

Bertazzoni has been manufacturing in Italy for over 138 years for its worldwide customers across more than 60 markets, adopting lean production methods to meet demand.

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