Belling relaunches Cookery Club Scheme for primary schools

UK home appliance brand, Belling, has re-launched Belling Cookery Club, an initiative to support primary schools and enable them to provide practical cookery classes for children.

The first phase of the initiative was a huge success, with schools in Dumfries and London winning an array of cooking appliances and accessories that have transformed their ability to provide hands-on cooking sessions, as well as supporting their local communities.

Belling Cookery Club was launched to support the estimated 75 per cent of primary schools that don’t have a teaching kitchen. For this reason, and despite cooking and nutrition now forming part of the curriculum across the UK, it is believed that the majority of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils don’t receive practical cookery experiences.

Belling is hoping the Cookery Club initiative will play a part in helping the next generation embrace a love of cooking. Every year, the brand will award two primary schools with up to £2,000 worth of cooking appliances, along with fun cooking accessories for the children to use.

The competition is open to all primary schools, with pupils asked to produce a picture of their favourite nutritionally balanced meal, along with a description of why they like it so much and why it’s good for them. More information about entering is available at:

Jane Rylands, Head of Marketing Communications at Belling, said: “We had a great response to Cookery Club last year and we loved looking at all the entries.

“We believe children get so much out of learning to cook – physically interacting with ingredients and producing their own food; learning new skills for later life and understanding what is good for them and why. We hope that Belling Cookery Club will give some schools a valuable resource and inspire their pupils to love cooking.”

The Cookery Club is now open until Friday, 5 April.

Details about last year’s winners can be found here: