Beko partners with The Salvation Army to sell pre-loved and repurposed appliances

Beko has partnered with The Salvation Army Trading Company as a corporate donor to help reduce the waste of excess products which are faulty or returned by retailers.

Beko said this proves its commitment to the circular economy, with the brand taking an even bigger leap into actively working towards the environmental change it would like to see.

As a result of this partnership, consumers will be able to purchase pre-loved or repurposed electrical items in many of the Salvation Army’s 240 outlets. All the products received are checked and P.A.T tested in its 25,000 square foot processing centre. To help reduce waste further, any items that cannot be resold will be returned to Beko, where they will be responsibly recycled.

The profits raised from this partnership are used by The Salvation Army to continue to support its work.

Vijay Bhardwaj, Marketing Director at Beko PLC (UK & Ireland), said: “When considering both the rising cost of living and the pressing need for positive environmental change, home appliance companies across the country are working to make their machines more energy efficient.

“And over the past two decades, Beko has focused on developing appliances that help make our consumer’s life easier. As a brand, we are fully committed to inspiring everyone to strive for a more sustainable future, this year and beyond.

“This partnership demonstrates our commitment to the circular economy, offering our consumers more sustainable product choices, without compromising on performance or durability. We are incredibly proud of this partnership and look forward supporting The Salvation Army and the work they do for those in need.”

Kirk Bradley, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Salvation Army Trading Company, shared: “An intrinsic part of our company strategy focuses on clean air, the circular economy and reducing waste. Our partnership with Beko is key to helping us work towards a healthy future and sustaining our planet.

“The repurposing of electrical products is a new business strategy for the Salvation Army Trading Company and thanks to Beko’s cutting edge approach, we are able to give items a new lease of life and the funds raised from the resale is diverted to good causes.”