ASA bans ‘misleading’ Currys PC World TV ad

Currys PC World has been reprimanded over a ‘misleading ad’ during the Euro 2016 football championship.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint that the retailer’s TV advert promoting its 4K TVs – broadcast on June 4 – was misleading because it implied that consumers would be able to watch Euro 2016 in 4K definition.

In the ad, the voiceover stated that, “…some people will do whatever it takes to watch the football on the right TV. Whether it’s this big screen 4K-ready Smart LG… or this new 49in 4K-ready Panasonic…” The ad also featured a rotating football with panels made up of the European flags of contenders in the Euro 2016.

Based on this, the ASA ruled that viewers were likely to interpret the football as referring to the Euro 2016 and that they would be able to watch the tournament in 4K definition.

However, Currys PC World, which is owned by DSG Retail, argued that “at no point did they mention watching Euro 2016 in 4K”. It also said that the voiceover stated that the TVs were 4K-ready and did not believe this indicated that all content could be viewed in 4K definition.

The ASA did note that the TVs had the ability to upscale, which would improve the picture quality shown.

The advertising watchdog told DSG Retail that the ad must not be broadcast again in its current format. It also advised the retailer “not to imply that particular content could be watched in 4K definition if that was not the case”.