Arçelik’s Hakan Bulgurlu: ‘We are reaching a tipping point in our fight against climate change’

How can companies maintain growth without impacting the environment? That is the question that Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik, will examine in his keynote speech at IFA 2022.

Arçelik is the appliances manufacturing parent company of Beko and Grundig, and Mr Bulgurlu has spared no effort raising awareness and leading positive action to tackle climate crisis.

In 2019 he climbed Mount Everest to gain a better understanding of climate change and wrote about the experience in his book ‘A Mountain to Climb’.

Those experiences also have a big influence on his day-to-day work. Arçelik wants to help households around the world to be more resource efficient, making innovation and sustainability an integral part of the company’s global operations and producing appliances that help consumers secure even greater energy and water savings.

“Arçelik has been an innovator for almost 70 years,” said Mr Bulgurlu, who has also recently been elected as the new president of APPLiA, the leading association for home appliance manufacturers in Europe.

“For us, innovation is always at the service of sustainability, to develop products that help customers live healthier and in harmony with the environment.

“It’s clear that we are reaching a tipping point in our fight against climate change. Arçelik wants to be a part of the answer to the climate emergency, using our resources and technical expertise to create a new generation of appliances that will meet our consumers’ environmental expectations. The green industrial revolution is an opportunity for our company, and all of industry, to take urgent climate action in the way that we organise our businesses, the way we produce our products, and the way we see our role in society as a global organisation.”

Mr Bulgurlu will talk about his company’s aims at IFA 2022 on 2 September 2022 at 2pm.

This year, Beko and Grundig will be exhibiting at the show in Hall 3.1.