Appliance registration: Spread the word this Product Safety Week

The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) is reminding appliance owners that safer homes are just a click away. It is raising awareness as part of Product Safety Week this week (21–25 October 2019).

AMDEA wants people across the UK to know that a few minutes on entering the details of their fridges, washing machines or dishwashers ensures they will be the first to know in the rare case of a safety notice or product recall. It’s really simple.

Register My Appliance, the portal designed by AMDEA to make it quicker and easier for the public to register both new and older appliances, aims to eliminate any confusion about registering appliances and, this week, has issued Safety Matters for Appliance Owners, which makes clear how people can best prepare ahead of any possible recall.

With an estimated 170 million large appliances in use in UK homes, the call is going out to all those who have yet to register to commit those few minutes to making their homes safer

AMDEA especially reminds those people who might not realise that models bought second-hand, inherited or just overlooked can still be recorded on, as the site can take registrations for products up to 12 years old. Although anyone thinking of acquiring an older appliance should first check that they are not already subject to a recall on the Government recall listing.

In fact, two thirds (67 per cent) of people have never registered an older appliance whether bought a couple of years before, that they found in their home when the moved in, or were by given by family or friends, or bought second hand, according to research commissioned by AMDEA. is a crucial means of ensuring manufacturers can instantly locate the owners of these older appliances during a product recall. You can even re-register if you’ve moved home lately and taken appliances with you.

AMDEA is supporting International Product Safety Week (21-25 October) and its #ReactToRecalls campaign is co-ordinated by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). AMDEA also works closely with OPSS throughout the year to urge consumers to register their appliances as a matter of home safety.

AMDEA’s acting Chief Executive, Sian Lewis, said: “Just because you’ve had a chest freezer in the garage for a few years does not mean you should neglect to register it. It’s important, to keep your home safe. Take stock of all your appliances and get them registered. If there is ever an emergency repair or a recall, the manufacturer will then know where to find you.”

Some points that might help appliance owners:

  • provides access to over 60 leading brands. By simply clicking on the brand logo the user reaches a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacture. The vast majority accept registrations of products up to 12 years old.
  • Follow recall instructions to the letter: If you receive a safety notice or a recall, it is important to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and act straight away #ReactToRecalls
  • If you’re unsure what to do, contact your manufacturer or retailer: A quick Google search using your brand / UK / customer service will provide details for the manufacturer’s customer services team.
  • Ensure older and more vulnerable owners don’t miss out on any vital, free, product safety repairs by sharing information with neighbours or loved ones. Or take to social media and retweet messages @regmyappliance