AMDEA launches new online Energy Labelling Toolkit

It’s all the trade needs to know – from A-to-G

Ahead of the new appliance labelling guidelines coming into force next year, AMDEA has created an easy-to-use online toolkit.

The Association’s new Energy Labelling Toolkit is ready for use by appliance manufacturers, distributors and retailers it’s now available to ensure they are customer-ready for the beginning of March 2021 when new energy labelling will replace the old labels on all shopfloor and online displays.

The new energy rating affects dishwashers, washing machines, washer dryers, fridges and freezers and wine storage. These products will be rated simply from A to G, doing away with the current ‘+’ system and making it easier for customers to compare products and allowing the industry space to develop eco-performance.

The online toolkit is a practical visual guide, designed to get busy retailers up-to-speed with the changes. It explains that vast improvements that energy efficiency has driven the need to rescale the labels. This information pack offers easy access to the background, a timeline of what needs to be done and when, and a gallery of the new labels defining their key features.

There are also FAQs to prepare the industry to answer customer questions, and an infographic highlighting the industry’s eco-achievements over the last decade.

The toolkit’s three-minute training video offers retailers another efficient and fast way of brushing-up on all they need to know about the new labelling.

AMDEA’s CEO, Paul Hide, commented: “Our training toolkit has been distributed to industry stakeholders and further trade inquiries are welcomed on this email:”