Alexa knows the score: Get Clive Tyldesley’s football facts from your Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba TV has partnered with football commentator Clive Tyldesley ahead of a packed summer of football to help fans settle arguments and brush up on their football knowledge – with the help of Amazon’s Alexa. 

England, Scotland and Wales fans can now ask questions such as “Alexa, what’s England’s record against Scotland?” and “Alexa, who is Wales’ best ever player?” and get commentary-legend Clive Tyldesley’s answers directly from Alexa through Toshiba’s TV range. 

Clive has the answers to 25 commonly asked questions on European football. Fans who can’t agree on the best player from each nation, or struggle to remember how well their team did against a rival country in the past, can get all the answers from Clive by simply asking their TV – even while they’re watching a game. 

Toshiba partnered with Mr Tyldesley to showcase the power of the Toshiba Alexa Built-In TV range, which features a far field microphone embedded in the TVs. This lets fans talk to Alexa hands-free, so as well as getting Clive’s answers they can also turn the TV on and off, switch channel, change the volume and more, all without lifting a finger.  

Fans of all three qualified Home Nations in action this summer can ask about their team’s record against European opponents by simply asking “Alexa, what is [team]’s record against [team]?”, or get the lowdown on the countries’ best ever players by asking “Alexa, who is [team]’s best ever player?”.   

“Summer football brings everyone together to share a passion for the national sport”, commented Mr Tyldesley. “From the diehard supporters that never miss a match, to the more casual fans who just love the building drama of a major tournament, the daily conversation is dominated by football.” 

“When a nation reaches fever pitch and really gets behind its team, there’s nothing else quite like it. As someone who will be part of that TV coverage, it’s fantastic to partner with Toshiba to give fans the chance to find and discuss the facts and figures we all need to know in order to truly enjoy the show.” 

Bart Kuijten, Commercial Director at Toshiba UK, added: “We want to provide viewers with the best experience possible when watching live sport at home this summer, whether they’re watching a game or debating some of the big sporting questions. The new Alexa feature is ideal for fans who want to get in-depth football insight direct from Clive, even if it’s during a live game.”