Aiwa brand back in the UK


Japanese consumer electronics brand Aiwa, which was formerly owned by Sony, is back in the UK and Ireland.

Aiwa products, including 4K QLED TVs, portable speakers, headphones and laptops, were launched at this year’s IFA show (August 31 to September 5, Berlin) and will be available in retail later this year and early 2019.

The UK and Ireland licence for the brand has been granted to Greenmoore Ltd – a company formed by consumer electronics veteran Terry Greenwood, who has held senior management positions at Dixons and Tesco, and his business partner, Colin Livermore.

Speaking exclusively to ERT, Mr Greenwood said: “After Sony, the Aiwa brand went to a Chinese OEM. I got approached by Colin Livermore, who has been in the industry as long as me.

“We got wind that the OEM was looking to do something with Aiwa and that’s how we’ve got involved – we have the licence for the Aiwa brand in the UK and Ireland. We’re committed to bringing it back with the brand values it had previously.”

Asked whether he thought there was a gap in the market for another mid-market consumer electronics brand, Mr Greenwood said: “When we looked at Aiwa, we had two concerns – was it seen as an audio brand and did it have any recognition among a younger age group?

“Interestingly, the age profile [for Aiwa] is younger than we imagined. For a long time, Aiwa was number one in TV/video and TV/DVD combis – a lot of people grew up with Aiwa products in their bedrooms and they’re now homeowners with families, but they still recognise Aiwa as being a vision brand as much as an audio one.”

Asked at which consumer age group the new Aiwa products would be targeted, Mr Greenwood said: “It will depend on the product areas. The speakers will appeal to twenty-somethings as much as thirty-somethings.

“Even if some people don’t recognise the brand, our ambition is to have a range of products that – cosmetic- and performance-wise – sit comfortably below the top-tier brands.”

Mr Greenwood said Aiwa would have a wide distribution in the market and that his company was currently in discussion with several retailers.

He added: “We want to make sure that the brand is properly represented – that’s important. In the market, it should be seen for what it is – a good-quality brand with great products.”