AEG introduces assisted cooking ecosystem at IFA

Electrolux, under its core brand AEG, highlighted home innovations at IFA 2019, including a new range of connected products integrated with each other and with key partners: Google, SideChef, Smarter and Innit to present solutions where the entire cooking journey is considered.

“AEG’s ambition is to deliver outstanding taste experiences,” said Niels Munksgaard, Kitchen Product Marketing Director, BA Europe. “AEG’s commitment to championing home cooks now sees the launch of the latest range of assisted cooking innovations and food ecosystem partnerships. All work in harmony together to make the entire cooking journey more enjoyable, through a holistic ecosystem of digital experiences and connected appliances.

“As a further example of how AEG takes taste further, we are also thrilled to announce a new partnership with ‘SideChef’, a collection of recipes from more than 300 food influencers and creators from around the world that will further enhance the AEG cooking experience.”

The home taste experience is elevated through the connected AEG 9000 CookView oven with integrated core temperature sensor. Whether roasting or grilling meats, baking bread, creating delicate desserts or using the sous-vide feature (as found in professional restaurants) intuitive support is built in. The CookView camera in the oven handle keeps an eye on food as it cooks, providing a connected view delivered to the ‘My AEG’ app on a smartphone. This all helps to support entertainers and home chefs as they focus on the creative process.

The new SenseHob Connected provides guidance so that meals can be prepared from recipes available through the ‘My AEG’ app. The hob is notified of the dish to be cooked and automates the settings to ensure that a meal comes together with all of the ingredients ready at the same time.

The Smarter FridgeCam is said to be the world’s first wireless fridge camera that connects your fridge to your smart device. The camera takes a photo every time the fridge door is closed allowing you to see your fridge contents from anywhere, helping with grocery shopping and reducing food waste.

This large four door fridge-freezer includes MultiChill, for flexible temperature management. With a variety of temperatures spanning –2 to seven degrees in the middle drawer, the temperature can be managed according to personal preference.

The new connected dishwasher also takes the guesswork out of optimal use and maintenance. Used with the ‘My AEG’ app, step by step visual guidance is provided so the dishwasher always runs at its best.

At IFA 2019, AEG announced a partnership with SideChef – an app that delivers more than 15,000 recipes sourced from 300 ‘glocally’ loved influencers and food curators. The SideChef app will connect seamlessly with AEG kitchen appliances so that recipes can be directly sent to them in order to help set temperature and time.