A Sustainable Future: Electrical Safety First’s 2020 Product Safety Conference

Electrical Safety First’s twelfth annual product safety conference – A Sustainable Future – will this year be online and free to attend. The event will run over two consecutive mornings, from Wednesday 4 November (9.30am-11.30am), to Thursday 5 November (9.30 am – 12.30pm).

This high profile event – which is supported by the Office for Product Safety and Standards – attracts representatives from throughout the supply chain, in addition to major stakeholders and related organisations. Delegates range from government departments, manufacturers, retailers and importers, to lawyers, test houses and fire and rescue services – as well as Trading Standards and safety professionals.

This integrated approach to product safety plays a significant part in the event’s success. That, and the fact it provides a platform for highlighting current critical and emerging issues.

Wednesday’s agenda will focus on sustainability in relation to a number of themes, from product end-of-life and the circular economy, to the legislative landscape and the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Thursday’s sessions will look at the benefits and risks arising from creative products and emerging technologies. Discussions will consider issues such as the standards ‘gap’ and how industry and regulators are addressing potential threats from IOT technologies.

The event will also play host to Electrical Safety First’s Safety Innovation Awards, developed by the Charity to acknowledge companies – or individuals – who put safety at the heart of product design, or go the extra mile in safety advocacy.

To find out what the future holds for the industry and to book your place at A Sustainable Future, click here for more information and to view the agenda for the event.