A new look for AMDEA’s Register My Appliance online portal

To mark the fifth anniversary of AMDEA’s Register My Appliance safety initiative, the UK appliance industry organisation has unveiled its new look registration portal at

With striking visuals, a wide contemporary format, faster loading and improved interactive instructions, the appliance industry has raised the bar for quicker and easier registration from all consumer devices.

Launched in 2015 as an industry-wide initiative to ensure appliance-owners were contactable in the event of a recall, today more than 50 per cent of visitors register their appliances via their hand-held device or smart phone. The new portal offers optimised viewing on both small and large screen devices.

AMDEA’s new Chief Executive, Paul Hide, said: “Any product recall these days needs good technology to make it happen. That sound approach begins at the point of registration – on the Register My Appliance website. Our mantra for the new portal is that it must be as user-friendly as possible.

“Our aim is to make registering easy to maximise the number of owners letting manufacturers know which models they have. This enables a far more effective customer contact process, in the rare case of one being needed.”

AMDEA first launched the portal supported by its members, which represent over 85 per cent of all small and large domestic appliances sold in the UK, to create a one-stop registration system to build up a database of the owners of the estimated 170 million appliances in UK homes.

On this fast and attractive user-friendly portal, it takes just a few minutes to register domestic appliances directly with the manufacturer, ensuring householders can be contacted quickly if a recall or safety repair is ever needed.

With around 60 major brands available, the public can register almost all the main appliances they rely on at home. Appliances don’t even need to be new, as consumers can register items in use up to 12 years old.

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