4K UHD TV sales soar by 160%

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) saw sales increase 160 per cent in 2015 and is predicted to hit 140 million units globally by 2020, new figures reveal.

The worldwide TV market report from Futuresource Consulting has found that shipments of 4K UHD TV reached 32m units in 2015 – a 160 per cent increase and equal to around 14 per cent of all sets sold.

Sales are also expected to rise to almost 140m units by 2020, with 4K UHD shipments commanding 52 per cent of the market.

Despite this growth, total shipments fell by two per cent during 2015. This was caused by the saturation of flat-panel TV in most markets, worsened by exchange rates and economic difficulties in some countries.

Europe saw the largest decline in percentage terms, falling by more than 15 per cent.

Futuresource predicted that these declines won’t continue in 2016 and expected to see worldwide shipments grow by two per cent, which will be fuelled by emerging markets and recovery in others.

It also predicted a surge in OLED demand, seeing shipments reach seven per cent by 2020, as interest in premium display technology increases. OLED accounted for just 0.2 per cent of shipments in 2015.

“4K UHD and OLED are expected to grow strongly in the remainder of the decade,” said David Tett, market analyst at Futuresource. “These technologies will help to restore value in the worldwide TV market as average selling prices are expected to increase over the next few years.”

The report also predicted that HDR (High Dynamic Range) would feature in all 4K UHS sets shipped in Europe and North America by 2020.