37 exhibitors make up the Trend Displays at Exclusively Shows

Exclusively Shows have announced that 100 products have been selected from 37 exhibitors to reflect the trends Satori, Traveller and Fellowship as Identified by Scarlet Opus.

To identify the top 100, the Show’s trend interpreters, Scarlet Opus, have scoured exhibitors’ product portfolios. The resulting top 100 will form the 2019 Trend Displays.

Phil Pond from Scarlet Opus said: “The Trend feature has been a part of the Exclusively Shows for four years now and this year, it seemed as if everything had come together. The exhibitors have all clearly worked hard and innovatively during the past year to create a stunning array of products. If in the early years it wasn’t so easy to identify product for a ‘Trend Showcase’ 2019 has swept away any such memory. It was hard selecting products for the showcase simply because there was so much great product to select from.”

Trends at the Shows

The Shows have also announced there will a further trend introduced: “Game Changer”.  Whilst exploring exhibitors’ products, Scarlet Opus identified products that reflected the essence of the Game Changer trend, consequently, it will be translated at the Show and feature 10 exhibitors.

“Traveller Trend” – The trend is focused on restoring balance, order and correctness. During this new season a return to ‘Fine Dining’ will begin to emerge, requiring all our finery for a glamorous experience.

Scarlet Opus have selected eight exhibitors that have products that reflect the trend; Western House Ltd, The DRH Collection Ltd, T&G Woodware, My Gifts Trade, Candelight, LSA, Ladelle UK Ltd and KitchenCraft.

“Satori Trend” – Serenity, balance and preservation underpin this trend in which we all reflect on the “Art of Living”.

For this trend, Scarlet Opus have selected products from 12 exhibitors, Eurosonic, Mepal BV, Aydya ltd, Le Creuset, My Gifts Trade, Ladelle UK Ltd, Royal Doulton, Hachette Denby, LSA, Tatay and KitchenCraft.

“Fellowship Trend” – This trend focuses on the Power of the Collective; we rise together as a community of collaborators in a future where we are all makers, farmers, craftsman. It’s the opposite of the establishment.

For this trend Scarlet Opus have selected products from 11 exhibitors, Ladelle UK Ltd, Benross Marketing Ltd, UK Thermos Ltd, Typhoon, Le Creuset UK Lts, Sabichi Homewares Ltd, Scoville, T&G Woodware Ltd, My Gifts Trade, Auteur Ltd, Eddingtons Ltd, Hachette David Mason (Design) Limited, Brabantia (UK) Ltd, CIE Europe, KitchenCraft & Forma House Ltd.

How to see the Trends and products

  1. Visit the FREE Trend Displays above Exclusively Electrical. These displays are open for the duration of the show.
  2. Book a FREE Trend Tour with Scarlet Opus. Tours can be booked online at
  3. Look out for the “Recommend Product Design on Trend” awards on the 37 exhibitors’ stands.
  4. The Trend Wall in the restaurant highlights many of the award-winning products.

Mr Pond from Scarlet Opus concluded: “We are really excited about creating the Trend Showcase for the 2019 show; it’s going to be awesome. We’d be totally bemused if the consumer and trade press aren’t completely inspired by it. The exhibitors have even given us wonderful choices for our Game Changer trend which is strictly for genuine eco-friendly and sustainably-made products.”